Ongoing Vigilance

Although the BBT strives to make its books as “clean" as possible, alert readers continue to find genuine editorial errors in BBT books. In particular, BBT translators, who minutely scrutinize the English books, often uncover mistakes.

For example: 
In the word meanings for Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 5.14.28 (on line 4) we find: “upagūḍhaḥ—being deeply embarrassed.” 
But in the purport (5 lines up) we read: “The word bhuja-latā-upagūḍha, meaning ‘embraced  by beautiful arms which are compared to creepers,’ . . . ” 
What happened? It’s a clear and simple error: “embarrassed” should be “embraced.” 
Another example: 
The Eleventh Chapter of Teachings of Lord Caitanya mentions “the Sind province in Siberia.” 
Here, once again, a transcriber misheard a word. “Siberia” should be “Sauvira.” 
The main BBT English editor, Draviḍa Dāsa, keeps a file of such reported errors, book by book. When books are reprinted, he sees to it that confirmed errors are corrected. 
On the PAMHO e-mail system, a conference called “(BBT) Errors (in) English Books” provides a place where readers can report suspected errors. To report a suspected error, please write to that conference. The e-mail address is 
Alternatively, you can report your error by mail or fax: 
Draviḍa dāsa 
1380 Garnet Avenue Suite E-270 
San Diego, CA 92109 
e-mail: dravida.acbsp at
Fax: 1-310-837-1056 
Your report will receive diligent editorial attention.